Know, first, who you are;
And then adorn yourself accordingly.
~ Epictetus

Saturday, May 19, 2012


     After hours and hours of poring through lolita, it looks like I'm into classic or classic/sweet style. I think I've pretty much deduced this through wearing shiro steampunk, only to realize that I'm really not into steampunk at all--and while shiro is nice, there is something that is way more incredibly attractive about brown and ivory with accents of other colors. Seriously, everything I've bookmarked thus far is brown-heavy.

Haha. "Brown-heavy". Gross.

Besides, classic is more street-wear appropriate than most lolita (I think, anyway). I guess it's kind of funny that I'm only starting to get into this hobby now. I've always liked the fashion, but I guess around highschool and early college I was more into cosplay and generally awesome costume craftsmanship--especially cinematic ones. LARP was something I had always thought about but know that it would only happen in a distant alternative universe. I'm just not dedicated (or RICH) enough to bother attempting it. Clothing that were out of the ordinary were just too embarrassing for me at the time, so I wandered off, forgetting about lolita.

I believe you are what you wear. The importance in clothing lies deeper than a materialistic obsession--it's a lifestyle. I started becoming interested in clothing inspired by designs from a fictional universe, like characters who have suddenly come to life. I tried adding elements of it to casual outfits--(my choices were pretty tacky at the time, though). Some years ago I bought a Snow White gown for halloween, and something just clicked while wearing it. I know most girls were into Alice, but Snow White was my idol. I used to stand still in my backyard as a child, in hopes that deer and other woodland creatures would come flocking to me. I wanted to be the fairest of them all. Dressing like Snow White felt classier than the other "costumes" my peers wore, and it satisfied my desire for whimsiness. But then I started wondering why I was dressing "like" Snow White when I could totally wear dresses with cute bows any time I wanted. Now here is where the obsession starts, haha.

There's something undoubtedly innocent and delightful about bows. I'm sure big bows in popular fashion have risen and fallen from time to time, but during the time when I started getting into it there were hardly any bows around. They were always HUGE in Japan, though. I'd talk with my friends about how hard it was to find accessories and apparel that would fit in my new-found fashion preferences. When I got a red bow from my Snow White costume, I actually made my entire wardrobe revolve around it. I bought a sewing machine in hopes of creating more bows and potentially skirts, but I just never got around to it aside from the one handmade yellow bow partially inspired by Lunch from Dragon Ball. Don't get me wrong, I still want to play around with sewing but there's just a backload of so many other things I want to spend my time on. Besides, that machine is jammed. Someday I'll... fix it. Haha.

A few years later, the bows I made and the bows I wish I could have made are now all over stores. Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Forever21--you name it. Back then I had wished for bows to be more available, but now it doesn't feel so.. special anymore. I'm a butt, I don't like trends nor do I like following them. Now I wanted more than just bows.

I wear it with black leather gloves and a fur white hat.
      I started turning to vintage clothing. Not vintage like cheesy Urban Outfitters clothing, but like.. Dear Creatures. I'm still so goddamn in love with their style. It encompassed everything I liked (bows, nautical, 1940s junior dresses, etc) into a really coherent fashion sense. I bought a Charlotte Wool coat and Mary Jane pumps to go with it--it's beauutiful. Honestly I wish I grew up around SF and LA, because a lot of the stores I love are are set locally around there.

This particular coat caught a friend's eye and asked if it was an import from Japan. It wasn't, but it kind of did follow the guidelines to lolita fashion. That was probably when it hit me; I had forgotten all about lolita, and it was quickly springing back to me. Anime Boston 2012 was coming up soon, so I thought it would have been a good chance to strut some quickly-thrown-together lolita outfit. I chose Fan plus Friend after considering Bodyline, since they were the cheapest off brands I knew. I got a friend to go with me as a twin! She went gothic while I went shiro. Both of us were steampunk style.I should honestly just buy the entire coord because it's really cute anyway, haha.

I'm going to say that Anime Boston 2012 was really fun, except that I ended up MISSING ALL OF THE LOLITA PANELS. It was really discouraging and I didn't think I'd be able to do anything lolita related for another whole year until I found about a local Gothic & Lolita Society. Joined it, and wow, now I see that there are actually a great number of events. Yeah, I don't know how I missed all these, either. I'm a hermit--an illustrator, remember? The group is incredibly supportive and kind, and I've gleaned quite a few tips from talking with them. I-I think I can safely say that I'm now obsessed. D:>

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