Know, first, who you are;
And then adorn yourself accordingly.
~ Epictetus

Thursday, July 19, 2012

First coord quest in motion!

SO EXCITED AKSFHSDJF FINALLY GETTING A BLUE DELFT LOTTA JSK WITH A CHOCOLATE POCHETTE WITH IT! Thank god for shopping services, I've been too nervous about ordeirng things overseas after my last package scare. (Turns out my first IW JSK wasn't lost, my post office had just somehow misfiled the package under the sender's name instead of mine... *stare*).

I'd been seeing a lot of good deals on dresses at comm sales (jesus, so many of the same ones from this summer's IW lucky pack that nobody wants hahaha) but I've held off on buying anything for awhile now, reserving any money I have for the above. ...In exception to a red velvet alice Meta bow that just ended up being too ugly for my taste. Maybe I could have made it work somehow but it was just so big and rectangular and rigid and... bleh. Ended up giving it to a friend who was interested in turning it into a waist bow. She traded me a big black bow in return, which was exactly what I needed, but now I'm not so sure if it's a style of bow I like anymore.

7.23: It's possible that I might have to order straight from the IW store after all, the JSKs are nowhere to be found in stores so far. I've pretty much fallen in love with the Bordeaux and Blue colorway, so I don't mind whichever one I get at this point! I guess it wouldn't be too bad if I ordered online, reading about customs is kind of tough and I *think* dresses under $200 don't warrant a customs fee. Then again, I hear it's something that happens very rarely anyway. Today is the last day of my shopping service, fingers crossed that she finds something for me! ): On the upside, the chocolate pochette is a definite go.

7.24: YES, Bordeaux acquired!! I had reoccuring dreams last night of there not being any left at all /tearsofjoy hahaha


  1. YOHOOOO congrats!!! :D delf lotta is lovely!!! You are so lucky ^^

    1. Hehe!! Thank you so much! ^^ It's definitely a new and exhilarating experience for me.