Know, first, who you are;
And then adorn yourself accordingly.
~ Epictetus

Thursday, September 20, 2012

September purchases

Yeyeye! I bought these to go with the Delft Lotta! I'll probably post pictures soon with the lens on to show how they look, but there won't be any outfits from me anytime soon haha. I also made a little stamp thingy--doesn't hurt to to start using them, right?

  • EYEMAZING x Zipper UNA x 80s Disco lashes (PrettyandCute)
  • IW Scallop Lace Ribbon Comb in Bordeaux
  • Vassen Sakura Candy Pink Brown circle lens (PinkyParadise)

Cute. Comes with three pairs. The style is similar to Dollywink, I think. The label is so engrishy, haha. Disco was dead in the 80s!

My package from PinkyParadise. :3 I got a complimentary gift, which is the blue packet above. They're like these little velcro strips that hold your hair back from your face while you're doing makeup or just chilling around. I actually like them very much! I've read that the grip was too weak for others but I'm personally fine with the way they are. :) They are fun to peel from your hair, hahah.

 Color looks true to stock image. We'll see how it looks. It was such a difficult decision for me between Pink and PinkxBrown... I opted for brown since I feel like the black ring might be too harsh-looking in person. (Seems great for photos, though.)

 Shipping was much faster than I anticipated! Between the day I ordered and the day it delivered, it only took 11 business days! Although, the first pair of lens I bought (geo princess mimi) was from a different store that delivered in under a week when I was rushing to get items together in time for Anime Boston. I had a friend order it for me, I'll have to ask her which store. Derp.

The bow is a little darker than the darkest color on the dress, but it's still the same hue. I was worried that the lace would be too white, but it wasn't. :D It's like a desaturated pinkish-creme color. The bow will have to be balanced out with equally dark burgundy socks. ALL THE MOEEEE.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A little bit of progress!

Bah, there were a couple of things that I had buyer's remorse over from Comm Sales. I've given my R-Series blouse away to a friend who was fond of peter pan collars and a wine Meta bow to another who was fond of bows. I love that all my friends have similar tastes in fashion, even if they aren't into lolita haha!

I've thought twice about selling back my IW Alice JSK to fund some other stuff since it's generally easy to pick up a black JSK anytime I wanted to, but I've realized that I've worn it several times too many to want to let go anymore. Black is so easy to just put on and wear whenever! I'm still too scared to wear Delft Lotta casually.