Know, first, who you are;
And then adorn yourself accordingly.
~ Epictetus

Friday, December 21, 2012

Revelations on Rabbits, German Dresses and Socks

Holy wow, has Christmas shopping sucked everyone completely DRY yet? Hahaha. But I've been extra generous this year and I've also received such thoughtful gifts in return. I never expect presents, so the thought put into them for me is the best Christmas feeling. I love my friends. ;w;

Sooo, lately I've been waiting (and waiting) for Le Cadre du Chat (Rabbit) to pop up but I'm dumb and missed TWO that were being sold just last October on comm sales. I also (apparently) missed the re-release of it just earlier this December, ahh go me. ):

In my feverish state I had a revelation--I actually REALLY don't like Alice at all. Rabbits are my all-time favorite animal but there are hardly any rabbit-themed dresses I like. I tend to shoot for deer motifs instead because it stays more true to a classic woodland theme (like Bambi)--but I feel rabbits are much more open-ended than deer because of the many things they symbolize. They also have this kind of creepy-cute look to them, haha. I really think that current designs featuring rabbits are stagnate/heavily held back because anything remotely rabbit MUST be Alice. It's quite irritating.

Pieces of Inspiration

German dresses! DID I EVER TELL YOU I'M IN LOVE WITH HELGA G. PATAKI. She's my most favorite fictional character ever. I quote a local lolita this: "She's my spirit animal." We might do a matching duo of this version of her, heehee.

Lena Hoschek Tradition - Herbst/Winter 2012 (Fotos: LUPISPUMA Fine Photography)
I'd also love to also do something like this with IW pieces. I really like the underbust style, braided hair and chain of florals in her hair. (I actually hadn't realized I was into this whole german-look until I saw all three things I liked together into a photo.)

Fannie Rosie! I try not to focus too heavily on how one person dresses in particular but there's always something about her outfits that draw me back to her. :) I guess you could say she's my fashion idol. I actually think she was the one who inspired me into classic! Anyways, here's one outfit I like in particular (that once again I'll "match" with IW, lul).

I can't decide on white or black lace!!! D:

I think Grimoire still does international shipping, at least I hope they do. I wanted to start collecting their tights. I'm actually not that big on socks, which is surprising to me...

Une bibliothèque secrète is making me long for the Royal Palace Library JSK more than ever. :)

And that's about it! Thanks for reading!

(PS. Lmao this makes me feel like a pervert. It's a game where you don't get caught peeking at Helga's pink diary):

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy belated Intl Lolita Day! EOS Candy Pink and Brown Lens, and more makeup reviews

Photo by Ivy Maiorino
Yay, that second time of the year!! This time the Boston comm went to Upstairs on the Square (courteously arranged by sew_sweet) at Harvard and I was very excited because I had never tried this place before. It's also the first ILD I've been to wearing brand! (Although I'm not wearing everything I wanted to, haha.) The meetup itself was great, but to be honest I didn't enjoy the restaurant as much as L'Espalier. There were too many flaws that were hard to overlook, especially since both places cost the same for high tea. My biggest complaints were stale/cold savories, clumsy waitstaff, dregs in tea and poor presentation skills (savories were stacked messily and some of it spilled, the sugar dispenser was really just paper packets in a tin can, no spreadables, etc). In fact, I couldn't even eat the grapes that were offered as a part of a vegan option because they weren't even washed! I had to rinse them in my cup of water, and when I wiped it on my napkin it left behind black smears. GROSSSS. D: Step it up, Upstairs on the Square! Your service was completely embarrassing.

Bah, I'm feeling lazy about editing photos because I don't have photoshop on my laptop anyway. I have a lemon of a laptop and nothing ever runs on it anymore except for skype and league of legends, Baw!! I'm thinking of buying a camera of my own (been borrowing boyfriend's) as well as a new computer (also been borrowing... mainly for freelance art, though.) I just want a working system so I can do these things that are supposed to be fun with ease. .__. I at least got a new webcam!! If you're thinking of trying out Microsoft's LifeCam, it's amazing! It shoots in HD, has focus ability and can detect depth. It was half off on black friday. ^.^ Pixlr made it grainier than it actually is, so ignore that part haha.

Ahh oh, I'm growing my hair out so I can braid it. I've been wearing this style often these days, do you like it? :3 They're braided pigtails wrapped like laurels! I don't have a full photo of the outfit since no one took it and I forgot to take one of myself.

EOS Candy Pink x Brown lens review
Looks cute, right?
I'm also learning a lot more about makeup and circle lens. If you remembered the pink & brown circle lens I had mentioned before, I've actually decided that I don't like them at all. <__<; I barely even want to wear them to show for the blog, so here's minimal effort photography. :T

Product Description:
Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Brand : E.O.S
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

I don't like the color. The pink ended up looking more creepy pink-red than a light, cute and pleasant pink, but maybe it's because I have dark brown eyes and there was no dark ring to help define the pink. The true pink color would show up best under super bright light (like the sample photo). It also helps a lot if you wear pink, because it makes the lens appear more pink than red, but it sucks that I have to do so much to make these lens work. :l I wish these lens had a less reddish tinge and a little bit of light purple mixed in instead--it would feel more like a "pink" than a "vaguely lighter version of red"--if you get what I mean.

The lens itself is very soft and comfortable, I'm just not a fan of the color combination. But I'm glad I bought it, because I wouldn't have known this from just the stock photo anyway. It was a learning experience. I can't find the product on the store I bought it from (maybe because of how unpopular this lens is, hurr), but it was from Pinky Paradise.

Perhaps I will try pink lens again, but that's for another time when I have money to burn. Until then, I'd really love to have a brown lens next time! I LOVE the Geo Princess Mimi collection, I wear my sesame grey ones all the time. The grey/blue looks great on all skin colors and it's pretty no matter what color my hair is. I'll try their brown ones next. :D

Another makeup rant~
I think Naru Narusegawa/Saati Namba has subconsciously been inspiration for my brows ever since I read an interview of Ken Akamatsu about them. .__.
YoungBlood foundation in neutral
Tarte Amazonian clay brow mousse
EYEMAZING x Zipper UNA x 80s Disco lashes
Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey lens
Revlon Colorburst Lip butter #085
Sephora Eyeshadow in cocoa
Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection
The Multiple by NARS in Portofino
The Balm Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner
Watt's Up! highlighter by Benefit
Hair dye is photoshopped. Hah!

Ok, I wanna talk about eyebrows really quickly. I was getting tired of my brow pencil I bought from Shiseido, and honestly for a pencil it was good enough (not too soft, had the right balance of wax in it), but I wanted to look into other formulas. I saw Tarte's Amazonian clay waterproof brow mousse on Sephora and it looked exactly like what I was craving for. The reviews basically gave it a 5/5, so I went ahead and bought it! I was indecisive between medium brown and taupe at first, but thinking about Kimura made me want to go ahead with taupe. And... I love it! It is SO smooth. The easiest brow definer I've ever used. The brush is brilliant. The color isn't too heavy, it's very natural looking and frames my face so nicely; it just totally enhances everything. I deeply recommend this to everyone!! *__* I was one of those people who didn't think brows mattered much, but they definitely do.

I think I want to make a separate post about how I do my eye makeup altogether and different ways I did it, because it took a couple of tries to see what worked best for my eye rather than following all these japanese makeup tutorials online and in magazines word for word. What do you think?