Know, first, who you are;
And then adorn yourself accordingly.
~ Epictetus

Friday, December 21, 2012

Revelations on Rabbits, German Dresses and Socks

Holy wow, has Christmas shopping sucked everyone completely DRY yet? Hahaha. But I've been extra generous this year and I've also received such thoughtful gifts in return. I never expect presents, so the thought put into them for me is the best Christmas feeling. I love my friends. ;w;

Sooo, lately I've been waiting (and waiting) for Le Cadre du Chat (Rabbit) to pop up but I'm dumb and missed TWO that were being sold just last October on comm sales. I also (apparently) missed the re-release of it just earlier this December, ahh go me. ):

In my feverish state I had a revelation--I actually REALLY don't like Alice at all. Rabbits are my all-time favorite animal but there are hardly any rabbit-themed dresses I like. I tend to shoot for deer motifs instead because it stays more true to a classic woodland theme (like Bambi)--but I feel rabbits are much more open-ended than deer because of the many things they symbolize. They also have this kind of creepy-cute look to them, haha. I really think that current designs featuring rabbits are stagnate/heavily held back because anything remotely rabbit MUST be Alice. It's quite irritating.

Pieces of Inspiration

German dresses! DID I EVER TELL YOU I'M IN LOVE WITH HELGA G. PATAKI. She's my most favorite fictional character ever. I quote a local lolita this: "She's my spirit animal." We might do a matching duo of this version of her, heehee.

Lena Hoschek Tradition - Herbst/Winter 2012 (Fotos: LUPISPUMA Fine Photography)
I'd also love to also do something like this with IW pieces. I really like the underbust style, braided hair and chain of florals in her hair. (I actually hadn't realized I was into this whole german-look until I saw all three things I liked together into a photo.)

Fannie Rosie! I try not to focus too heavily on how one person dresses in particular but there's always something about her outfits that draw me back to her. :) I guess you could say she's my fashion idol. I actually think she was the one who inspired me into classic! Anyways, here's one outfit I like in particular (that once again I'll "match" with IW, lul).

I can't decide on white or black lace!!! D:

I think Grimoire still does international shipping, at least I hope they do. I wanted to start collecting their tights. I'm actually not that big on socks, which is surprising to me...

Une bibliothèque secrète is making me long for the Royal Palace Library JSK more than ever. :)

And that's about it! Thanks for reading!

(PS. Lmao this makes me feel like a pervert. It's a game where you don't get caught peeking at Helga's pink diary):


  1. AH NO! you missed it twice ;_; fingers crossed for you!

    AP made a huge surprise! I like this print a lot! Good luck to get this one!

    OMG! Hey arnold was one of my fav cartoons from nick! huahaha
    Very nice inspiration pics! Grimoire tights are the best ever! I would love to own a piece. Maybe one day...

    1. Grimoire opened their online shop so I hope to get some this month! ^^ I always see them being sold as 100$ but they should be much easier to get and cheaper now.. haha