Know, first, who you are;
And then adorn yourself accordingly.
~ Epictetus

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My favorite summer day

From earlier, I think in July, I had adventures at the aquarium and it was the most fun I had with friends in such a long time... ^^ It really nourished that kind of longing I felt I missed at so many other gatherings like at conventions. I suppose it was that summer magic.

In other news, I had been slowly gaining an interest in otome but it's so much more expensive than lolita;; bahh! Dear Creatures recently released their new Autumn collection and I'm loving so many of the pieces.

I'm also super mega excited that IW released my favorite bolero of theirs in a style of lace I love even more, so I instantly bought a chocolat one today! Now I have to find a buyer for my sophia bolero...

I'm also realizing my obsession with bordeaux. I thought I was going to be wearing this color the least when I started buying J fashion, haha. ><;; I want to add more ivory!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I also want to somehow combine these two:
Into something cute with furry mittens, like below. I didn't know ushankas with furry mittens were a popular combination among girls.

Some of these I bought, woo! I'm starting to see a new pattern in my latest inspirations... hahaha. First the german fairy tales and now UK private school uniforms?

Chokers are making a comeback, flashback to the 90s. I really like how chic they are and want to wear them casually, also bonus it reminds me of  Mathilda from Leon the Professional omg

Getting more into ankle socks lately now that I have oxford pumps, I bought a simple pair from Urban Outfitters but I like how the lace cuffs the sock from IW, it balances out the silhouette of my feet really cutely
Couldn't find a photo of this clanbert(?) hat from Victorian Maiden in brown, but I had always wanted it and it had sold out before I could get to it, I didn't see it online for a long time afterwards but then it suddenly popped up for super cheap in Closet Child so I snagged it!! Still waiting for it to be shipped in. 
 WTB Soon to go with my Jane Marple Royal Library skirt~
 To wear under cardigans, also there were getting to be too many times where I wished I had a short sleeve blouse.
 SUPER CUTE Royal Library mini skirt from Jane Marple. I originally wanted the JSK but I knew it was going to sell out before I can afford it, so I settled for the skirt (which I more or less love equally).
Simple black tights with my favorite motifs, I like how JM did it more than IW.

 An otome style coordinate I really like from Axes Femme~
 Swimmer's Biscuit bag got rereleased so I ordered two in dark and light brown with a friend. *__*) Excited to wear this with London Bear and Royal Library
Xylia!!! I was originally on the fence with getting a heart button cardigan from IW but as soon as I decided I wanted one it sold out...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wishlist + New Purchases

Hmm.. it's been too busy for meetups lately--actually, I think everyone has felt the same way! I've been going out more, or at least trying to (like once a week) since I accidentally wasted all that nice weather last year by staying inside and drawing/working. Hurgh, apartment searching has seriously been stressful.

I found some treasures along the way on those off-days where I go exploring. There's a beauty store in Chinatown that sells all of my favorite Japanese and Korean cosmetics at the same price as online!! I DIED, I hope I can visit them often and give them the business. I hate waiting on shipping for such small items! Last time I visited I bought facial masks, I think I got 20 for $20. Really not bad at all!

My mother had heard that I'd been searching for a nice curling iron, and went out of her way to find one for me. <3 I think it was just one of those purchases I'd always been meaning to get but always put it off, haha. The one she bought for me is a BaByliss Pro with Nano Titanium (1 1/4"). I'm so excited, I hope I can experiment with a lot of different hairstyles and post them in the future! My hair is starting to get at a decently long length! I hadn't cut it since I had returned from my trip in Disney World a year(?) ago.

I've finally bought brown oxfords too! I had no brown leather shoes in my wardrobe, and that had been kinda killing me a little. :T I was originally going to get the ones off of Innocent World but the price and shipping was so off-putting for just a PU leather pump... there isn't much about it that's different from any other oxford pump either, so I opted for off-brand. the ones I bought are from Lionel. I matched them up together in Photoshop to see how close the silhouette was, and the ones from Lionel actually looked a lot better. The color is also a richer dark brown, more true to chocolate, and the material was not cheap looking at all. I bought it for only around $80, and it was the last one in my size on Amazon. Lucky!!

Today I went to the cinemas with my boyfriend and we saw Monsters University. It took a shamefully long time before I saw and REALLY enjoyed a new animated film after Toy Story 3/Tangled came out. Monsters U was it, SO GOOD. It was so fun seeing Pixar's take on the whole college movie genre and seeing Cambridge caricatured for a fantasy setting. The short was also intriguing, lots of animation tech experimentation going on. I got inspired to wear varsity jackets, but they're no longer "in". >.< I really wish I had snagged that Axes Femme stadium jumper. It was like a mix between a leather jacket and a varsity jacket, but it had really girly accents like a peter pan collar. @__@ I started thinking about that Crosby Pleated Skirt from Dear Creatures as well, and how I'd wanted it since last winter... I'd like to snag that quickly before it's sold out. I keep thinking about how cute it'd look with my chocolat Lotta jacket from Innocent world, along with a white blouse. I'm also dying (just a little) to get a bit of grunge back into my wardrobe, because a few months ago I re-obsessed with Daria, hahaha.

Another item that's long been on my to-buy list is Lockshop's Mermaid in beachy. I used to think honey was the "it" color for lolita but I've found that I'm way more comfortable in less yellowy, medium brown colors. I actually really love ash brown, but I don't think there are any wigs like that out there. Anyways, the length and texture looks really fun and I would love to have it as an every-day kind of wig as well~

Not so important, bit it'd be nice to have a choker necklace with a chunky cameo pendant, dark lipstick and lace cuff crew socks. These things keep hanging around in my mind, sigh. ):

Anyways, some recent wants/inspirations:

Would like a loose flowy look to Delft Lotta.Paired with my VM hat, it's about as close as I can get to MM.

I forget where I got this picture from. Sorry!

Mari Takahashi's hair and makeupMari Takahashi's hair and makeup

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anime Boston absentee

AHH after spending an hour getting dressed and putting on makeup, I didn't feel like going out anymore. /hermitforlife

I don't know if it was because I felt nervous, or if I just plain didn't want to spend $50+ just to see some friends, but as soon as everything was packed and ready I.. just didn't feel like going. 8|

I didn't want it to go to waste, though... so I took a picture. ;o;/

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Photoset: Chocomint, Grimoire, Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden (Review)

YO~! As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'd been thinking a lot about what to add to my lolita wardrobe lately. :D

I'm still waiting on these two from IW, and would like to buy from Axes Femme soon. Then I can finally buy more dresses! It's fun watching my wardrobe's style take place. When I started collecting, I really had no full idea of what my tastes were or what I wanted to achieve. I think I have Fannie Rose to partially thank for. She helped me embrace my love for Dusty Pink, Chocolate and Bordeaux. 

Lazy editing, sorry. >.< I also didn't have the best lighting, but whatever!

My Delft Lotta coord ended up a lot more different than what I originally intended for it to look like. I saw the blue version being sold on mbok for a good price, but I didn't want to spend at the time. :C I also saw many Royal Library JSKs at a great price, even my favorite one, at a favorable price, but I still passed up on it. I did see a Grazier Crown for only $200 in perfect condition (*DROPS THE MIC*) but I really couldn't spend at the time and it was snatched within an hour later, anyways. It... it was pretty soul crushing. Anyways, you can probably tell I've been browsing mbok way more than EGL lately for sales. Prices on mbok are more fair, if not generous in comparison to EGL, where you tend to see a lot of scalpers (even on non-lolita items, sheesh). I haven't used a shopping service before, but I hope to use one soon.

I might prefer a chocolate blouse on this dress instead, or at least a dark ribbon around the neck. This ivory MM blouse has cute heart shaped buttons with a gold rim around them. The hat (VM) is very cute and adds a huge classic feel to any of my coords.

I'd really like to have a full wardrobe I can wear when I travel on vacations. <3 Originally I was supposed to go to Disney World this year with friends, but a lot of drama happened between Christmas and now so plans were canceled. ;_; I mean, I could always go next year, but my boyfriend and I had plans for moving to California so I think we have to hold off on the vacations for now.

The corsage is commissioned from EGL. The gold bow is from Forever21.

My favorite necklace! There's a bunny one too, which I didn't know about until recently. I'd prefer the bunny, but the bird is very quaint, too.

Nice, sturdy rings from Chocomint. Lovely ivory color. Stacks very cutely in threes.

I hadn't thought about meeting up with my community that much, lately. I'm really glad that my love for lolita has grown beyond the need of a community to wear it in. I'm still really looking forward to International Lolita day in June, though! There might be a dinner party after Anime Boston in late May. I'd look forward to that, too.

Chocomint ring, Fan+Friend watch, corsage from EGL. The chocolate color was a bit uneven, but still works. The other two are fantastic for their price--around $10 for the watch and $2 for the ring.

Modcloth. Kind of cheaply made, was expecting a little more for $10. ._.

I really like classic because I feel it's easier for street wear. For more special occassions, I can feel free to go all out. There are still some things I am hesitant to use, though--like a parasol. As MUCH AS I WANT ONE they seem much more of an overkill as opposed to just wearing a vaguely strange dress. Ehh. But I want to take better care of my skin and stay away from direct sunlight, so I'll probably buy it anyway and bear with the stares. .__.

Shin detail. Vibrant. I'm not sure how high the image quality was when printed, because I can see bits of artifacts here and there--but they don't stand out or really bring down the quality. Overall the tights are pretty colorful despite it being mainly ivory.

I think due to the nature of the material, these's a very faint (and pretty) shimmer. It's only noticable up close. 

They're thick tights--I haven't tried washing them but they feel strong enough to withstand many washes. :D

Thighs! Nicely opaque.

Grimoire's tights run M/L and can fit up to about a height of 5'7".

Image quality when worn.

Thanks for reading! I'm sorry it's a bit unorganized. I wish my blog were more consistent with the aesthetics, but I barely have the time, haha...

Friday, April 26, 2013

KoreaBigEyes & Grimoire Order Recaps

It's been awhile! I haven't been wearing lolita lately--just a lot of slow, careful shopping instead. It was really hard for me to continue buying dresses when I had no hats, accessories or bags to match them with. My circle lenses from last year were also expiring, so I bought a new pair of Geo Princess Mimi in apple green! I was really satisfied with the design when I bought them in sesame grey last time, but since I'd been wanting to grow out my hair in a medium-dark brown, I thought it'd be really cute to pair it with green. ^__^

I was a little surprised at how neon the "apple green" was, but I suppose it had to be that way for it to show bright enough against dark eyes, no? I think the next series I'd be interested in buying would be World! They're very soft and natural compared to Princess Mimi, but just as cute! I'd like it for more casual wear. :3

KoreaBigEyes Order Recap
I won't bother with a review as there are plenty of pictures out there with girls wearing these lens in apple green, BUUUT I do want to touch upon KoreaBigEyes! They are the cheapest I've found online so far and the lenses are authentic. Shipping by airmail is free--and although I did choose airmail at Pinky Paradise as well, PP shipped faster than KBE. The small extra wait is really worth it for KBE in my opinion, though. ;D

Order Date: 30. March 2013
Mar 30: Received an automatic reply with my order number.
Mar 31: Order status update. Shipment picked up by DHL. Tracking will be sent soon.
Apr 3: Tracking number sent.
Apr 17: Package Delivered.

Grimoire Shibuya Order Recap
Ordering from Grimoire is now easier than ever now that they offer international shipping as well as a paypal option. All you need to do is use Google Translate to change the site to english and it's very straight forward from there on! The first step is to, of course, sign up for an account at their online shop. They will immediately send you an email thanking you for signing up. After you order, Grimoire will automatically send you a receipt with your order number, and tell you that your order status info can be found on your account on their site. You will shortly receive another email letting you know that the shipment has been sent out. After that, your final email will be your tracking number.
They ship by EMS, so it was very quick. Shipping was 1,200 yen (12.22 USD) for one pair of tights.

Order Date: 13. Apr 2013
Apr 13: Received an automatic reply with my order number.
Apr 15: Order status update. Package awaiting to be picked up. Tracking will be sent soon.
Apr 16: Tracking number sent.
Apr 19: Package Delivered. (I overslept that day and didn't have time to pick it up after until a whole week later, though hahaha.)

State occurrence date
(In local time occurred if Overseas)
Shipping track recordDetailsOfficePrefecture / Country
ZIP code (Postal code number)
04/16/2013 11:53Posting / CollectionSHIBUYAJINNANTOKYO
04/16/2013 22:51Dispatch from outward office of exchangeTOKYO INTTOKYO
04/17/2013 17:27Arrival at inward office of exchangeAMC JFK NYUNITED STATES OF AMERICA
04/19/2013 08:52Processing at delivery Post Office02134UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
04/19/2013POBox Delivery02134UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
04/19/2013POBox Delivery02134UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
04/20/2013Retention02134UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
04/26/2013 16:49Final delivery02134UNITED STATES OF AMERICA