Know, first, who you are;
And then adorn yourself accordingly.
~ Epictetus

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Eye makeup feat. Sayoko Ozaki & others

I have an obsession where I study japanese eye-makeup for hours and see how it's done from model to model.

Sayoko Ozaki

As much as I love how skilled she is in eye makeup, I'm not sure if I can get behind her total "Westernized" look--she takes it so far that in certain angles/lighting she looks totally Caucasian. D: I like the look between a balance of Asian and Caucasian, it creates a sort of Final Fantasy style to your eye hahaha.

I really like how she plays with eyebrow shapes, too! I really enjoy the straight shape of them.

A mysterious model whom I don't know the name of


Got any you want to share? I'd LOVE to see them. *__*
I shall conclude this with a cute lop-eared bunny.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Braided hair

I think I've successfully converted myself from a short-hair kinda gal into a long-hair kinda gal thanks to braids. They add so much visual interest and you can do so much with them. They can be simple, elaborate, sweet, elegant. I really enjoy the hair pins, ribbons and other accessories you can add onto--so ethereal and enchanting. I had recently found a hair tutorial site for all braided styles!! They look so fun and simple (though I can see my fingers and wrists being tired for some). Anyways, here are some of my favorites--single braids, loop braids, crown braids, side braids, oh my. :3


Finishing off with a basket of kittens. I want a bengal cat SO badly!! >.<

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chocomint order recap

Hi guys! Sorry, it's been awhile, working a lot etc. BUT.... in return I bring you another order recap post! :D It's my first time ordering from Chocomint but the ordering seemed so straight-forward on their English site that I felt bold enough to host a group order. ^___^

36 Items Total
Group Subtotal: $151.11
Group Shipping: $16.77 for 500g

Jan 9- Submitted order, received an automatic reply with my order number.
Jan 14- Recieved an email invoice from Yui Miyazaki, paid on the same day.
Jan 15- My order has been shipped out!
Jan 18- Package delivered.

ZIP code
Jan 15
Tokyo metropolis
Jan 16
Dispatch from outward office of exchange
Tokyo metropolis
Jan 17
Arrival at inward office of exchangeAMC JFK NYUNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Jan 18
Processing at delivery Post Office02134UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Jan 18

Unlike Innocent World, Chocomint is available throughout the week except for weekends. Typically the response time is two to three days from when you hit "checkout" to when you confirm payment via email, but they took awhile with me because I made a mistake and canceled my first order. &gt;&lt; Unfortunately you don't get to find out what your shipping cost is until after they email you. To get an idea, shipping (through EMS) starts at $15 + the cost of the weight of your items--which wouldn't really be much more.

Sometimes the number of stock for an item is out of date, so I didn't find out that a couple of items I ordered weren't available until after I got a confirmation email. Oh well, that's ok. I'm happy with how cheap &amp; cute the items are, it shipped very quickly and shipping cost is little to nothing when you have a GO! :&gt;