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Friday, April 26, 2013

KoreaBigEyes & Grimoire Order Recaps

It's been awhile! I haven't been wearing lolita lately--just a lot of slow, careful shopping instead. It was really hard for me to continue buying dresses when I had no hats, accessories or bags to match them with. My circle lenses from last year were also expiring, so I bought a new pair of Geo Princess Mimi in apple green! I was really satisfied with the design when I bought them in sesame grey last time, but since I'd been wanting to grow out my hair in a medium-dark brown, I thought it'd be really cute to pair it with green. ^__^

I was a little surprised at how neon the "apple green" was, but I suppose it had to be that way for it to show bright enough against dark eyes, no? I think the next series I'd be interested in buying would be World! They're very soft and natural compared to Princess Mimi, but just as cute! I'd like it for more casual wear. :3

KoreaBigEyes Order Recap
I won't bother with a review as there are plenty of pictures out there with girls wearing these lens in apple green, BUUUT I do want to touch upon KoreaBigEyes! They are the cheapest I've found online so far and the lenses are authentic. Shipping by airmail is free--and although I did choose airmail at Pinky Paradise as well, PP shipped faster than KBE. The small extra wait is really worth it for KBE in my opinion, though. ;D

Order Date: 30. March 2013
Mar 30: Received an automatic reply with my order number.
Mar 31: Order status update. Shipment picked up by DHL. Tracking will be sent soon.
Apr 3: Tracking number sent.
Apr 17: Package Delivered.

Grimoire Shibuya Order Recap
Ordering from Grimoire is now easier than ever now that they offer international shipping as well as a paypal option. All you need to do is use Google Translate to change the site to english and it's very straight forward from there on! The first step is to, of course, sign up for an account at their online shop. They will immediately send you an email thanking you for signing up. After you order, Grimoire will automatically send you a receipt with your order number, and tell you that your order status info can be found on your account on their site. You will shortly receive another email letting you know that the shipment has been sent out. After that, your final email will be your tracking number.
They ship by EMS, so it was very quick. Shipping was 1,200 yen (12.22 USD) for one pair of tights.

Order Date: 13. Apr 2013
Apr 13: Received an automatic reply with my order number.
Apr 15: Order status update. Package awaiting to be picked up. Tracking will be sent soon.
Apr 16: Tracking number sent.
Apr 19: Package Delivered. (I overslept that day and didn't have time to pick it up after until a whole week later, though hahaha.)

State occurrence date
(In local time occurred if Overseas)
Shipping track recordDetailsOfficePrefecture / Country
ZIP code (Postal code number)
04/16/2013 11:53Posting / CollectionSHIBUYAJINNANTOKYO
04/16/2013 22:51Dispatch from outward office of exchangeTOKYO INTTOKYO
04/17/2013 17:27Arrival at inward office of exchangeAMC JFK NYUNITED STATES OF AMERICA
04/19/2013 08:52Processing at delivery Post Office02134UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
04/19/2013POBox Delivery02134UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
04/19/2013POBox Delivery02134UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
04/20/2013Retention02134UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
04/26/2013 16:49Final delivery02134UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

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