Know, first, who you are;
And then adorn yourself accordingly.
~ Epictetus

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Photoset: Chocomint, Grimoire, Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden (Review)

YO~! As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'd been thinking a lot about what to add to my lolita wardrobe lately. :D

I'm still waiting on these two from IW, and would like to buy from Axes Femme soon. Then I can finally buy more dresses! It's fun watching my wardrobe's style take place. When I started collecting, I really had no full idea of what my tastes were or what I wanted to achieve. I think I have Fannie Rose to partially thank for. She helped me embrace my love for Dusty Pink, Chocolate and Bordeaux. 

Lazy editing, sorry. >.< I also didn't have the best lighting, but whatever!

My Delft Lotta coord ended up a lot more different than what I originally intended for it to look like. I saw the blue version being sold on mbok for a good price, but I didn't want to spend at the time. :C I also saw many Royal Library JSKs at a great price, even my favorite one, at a favorable price, but I still passed up on it. I did see a Grazier Crown for only $200 in perfect condition (*DROPS THE MIC*) but I really couldn't spend at the time and it was snatched within an hour later, anyways. It... it was pretty soul crushing. Anyways, you can probably tell I've been browsing mbok way more than EGL lately for sales. Prices on mbok are more fair, if not generous in comparison to EGL, where you tend to see a lot of scalpers (even on non-lolita items, sheesh). I haven't used a shopping service before, but I hope to use one soon.

I might prefer a chocolate blouse on this dress instead, or at least a dark ribbon around the neck. This ivory MM blouse has cute heart shaped buttons with a gold rim around them. The hat (VM) is very cute and adds a huge classic feel to any of my coords.

I'd really like to have a full wardrobe I can wear when I travel on vacations. <3 Originally I was supposed to go to Disney World this year with friends, but a lot of drama happened between Christmas and now so plans were canceled. ;_; I mean, I could always go next year, but my boyfriend and I had plans for moving to California so I think we have to hold off on the vacations for now.

The corsage is commissioned from EGL. The gold bow is from Forever21.

My favorite necklace! There's a bunny one too, which I didn't know about until recently. I'd prefer the bunny, but the bird is very quaint, too.

Nice, sturdy rings from Chocomint. Lovely ivory color. Stacks very cutely in threes.

I hadn't thought about meeting up with my community that much, lately. I'm really glad that my love for lolita has grown beyond the need of a community to wear it in. I'm still really looking forward to International Lolita day in June, though! There might be a dinner party after Anime Boston in late May. I'd look forward to that, too.

Chocomint ring, Fan+Friend watch, corsage from EGL. The chocolate color was a bit uneven, but still works. The other two are fantastic for their price--around $10 for the watch and $2 for the ring.

Modcloth. Kind of cheaply made, was expecting a little more for $10. ._.

I really like classic because I feel it's easier for street wear. For more special occassions, I can feel free to go all out. There are still some things I am hesitant to use, though--like a parasol. As MUCH AS I WANT ONE they seem much more of an overkill as opposed to just wearing a vaguely strange dress. Ehh. But I want to take better care of my skin and stay away from direct sunlight, so I'll probably buy it anyway and bear with the stares. .__.

Shin detail. Vibrant. I'm not sure how high the image quality was when printed, because I can see bits of artifacts here and there--but they don't stand out or really bring down the quality. Overall the tights are pretty colorful despite it being mainly ivory.

I think due to the nature of the material, these's a very faint (and pretty) shimmer. It's only noticable up close. 

They're thick tights--I haven't tried washing them but they feel strong enough to withstand many washes. :D

Thighs! Nicely opaque.

Grimoire's tights run M/L and can fit up to about a height of 5'7".

Image quality when worn.

Thanks for reading! I'm sorry it's a bit unorganized. I wish my blog were more consistent with the aesthetics, but I barely have the time, haha...

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