Know, first, who you are;
And then adorn yourself accordingly.
~ Epictetus

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wishlist + New Purchases

Hmm.. it's been too busy for meetups lately--actually, I think everyone has felt the same way! I've been going out more, or at least trying to (like once a week) since I accidentally wasted all that nice weather last year by staying inside and drawing/working. Hurgh, apartment searching has seriously been stressful.

I found some treasures along the way on those off-days where I go exploring. There's a beauty store in Chinatown that sells all of my favorite Japanese and Korean cosmetics at the same price as online!! I DIED, I hope I can visit them often and give them the business. I hate waiting on shipping for such small items! Last time I visited I bought facial masks, I think I got 20 for $20. Really not bad at all!

My mother had heard that I'd been searching for a nice curling iron, and went out of her way to find one for me. <3 I think it was just one of those purchases I'd always been meaning to get but always put it off, haha. The one she bought for me is a BaByliss Pro with Nano Titanium (1 1/4"). I'm so excited, I hope I can experiment with a lot of different hairstyles and post them in the future! My hair is starting to get at a decently long length! I hadn't cut it since I had returned from my trip in Disney World a year(?) ago.

I've finally bought brown oxfords too! I had no brown leather shoes in my wardrobe, and that had been kinda killing me a little. :T I was originally going to get the ones off of Innocent World but the price and shipping was so off-putting for just a PU leather pump... there isn't much about it that's different from any other oxford pump either, so I opted for off-brand. the ones I bought are from Lionel. I matched them up together in Photoshop to see how close the silhouette was, and the ones from Lionel actually looked a lot better. The color is also a richer dark brown, more true to chocolate, and the material was not cheap looking at all. I bought it for only around $80, and it was the last one in my size on Amazon. Lucky!!

Today I went to the cinemas with my boyfriend and we saw Monsters University. It took a shamefully long time before I saw and REALLY enjoyed a new animated film after Toy Story 3/Tangled came out. Monsters U was it, SO GOOD. It was so fun seeing Pixar's take on the whole college movie genre and seeing Cambridge caricatured for a fantasy setting. The short was also intriguing, lots of animation tech experimentation going on. I got inspired to wear varsity jackets, but they're no longer "in". >.< I really wish I had snagged that Axes Femme stadium jumper. It was like a mix between a leather jacket and a varsity jacket, but it had really girly accents like a peter pan collar. @__@ I started thinking about that Crosby Pleated Skirt from Dear Creatures as well, and how I'd wanted it since last winter... I'd like to snag that quickly before it's sold out. I keep thinking about how cute it'd look with my chocolat Lotta jacket from Innocent world, along with a white blouse. I'm also dying (just a little) to get a bit of grunge back into my wardrobe, because a few months ago I re-obsessed with Daria, hahaha.

Another item that's long been on my to-buy list is Lockshop's Mermaid in beachy. I used to think honey was the "it" color for lolita but I've found that I'm way more comfortable in less yellowy, medium brown colors. I actually really love ash brown, but I don't think there are any wigs like that out there. Anyways, the length and texture looks really fun and I would love to have it as an every-day kind of wig as well~

Not so important, bit it'd be nice to have a choker necklace with a chunky cameo pendant, dark lipstick and lace cuff crew socks. These things keep hanging around in my mind, sigh. ):

Anyways, some recent wants/inspirations:

Would like a loose flowy look to Delft Lotta.Paired with my VM hat, it's about as close as I can get to MM.

I forget where I got this picture from. Sorry!

Mari Takahashi's hair and makeupMari Takahashi's hair and makeup