Know, first, who you are;
And then adorn yourself accordingly.
~ Epictetus

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I also want to somehow combine these two:
Into something cute with furry mittens, like below. I didn't know ushankas with furry mittens were a popular combination among girls.

Some of these I bought, woo! I'm starting to see a new pattern in my latest inspirations... hahaha. First the german fairy tales and now UK private school uniforms?

Chokers are making a comeback, flashback to the 90s. I really like how chic they are and want to wear them casually, also bonus it reminds me of  Mathilda from Leon the Professional omg

Getting more into ankle socks lately now that I have oxford pumps, I bought a simple pair from Urban Outfitters but I like how the lace cuffs the sock from IW, it balances out the silhouette of my feet really cutely
Couldn't find a photo of this clanbert(?) hat from Victorian Maiden in brown, but I had always wanted it and it had sold out before I could get to it, I didn't see it online for a long time afterwards but then it suddenly popped up for super cheap in Closet Child so I snagged it!! Still waiting for it to be shipped in. 
 WTB Soon to go with my Jane Marple Royal Library skirt~
 To wear under cardigans, also there were getting to be too many times where I wished I had a short sleeve blouse.
 SUPER CUTE Royal Library mini skirt from Jane Marple. I originally wanted the JSK but I knew it was going to sell out before I can afford it, so I settled for the skirt (which I more or less love equally).
Simple black tights with my favorite motifs, I like how JM did it more than IW.

 An otome style coordinate I really like from Axes Femme~
 Swimmer's Biscuit bag got rereleased so I ordered two in dark and light brown with a friend. *__*) Excited to wear this with London Bear and Royal Library
Xylia!!! I was originally on the fence with getting a heart button cardigan from IW but as soon as I decided I wanted one it sold out...